Thursday, November 3, 2016

Location suggestions for your next session with Debby Ditta Photography

Location suggestions for your upcoming session.  Every location mentioned below is offered at no additional location fee.  Please look at the recommended times for the best available lighting for each location. 100% of great photography is lighting, so time of day makes a monumental impact on your session. 

Grassy field

 Great for small families, maternity, sitting babies, toddlers, and couples.  Recommended time is sunrise or 30 minutes before sunset.  An open field encompasses the warmth and glow of the sunset.  I bring quilts or a neutral blanket for sitting in the grass.  Different times of the year reflect the change in grass color.  In the fall, the grass is a more wheat brown color.  The spring and summer show a true grass green color.  Since I have no control over the maintenance of the land, a second location choice is needed in case of fresh cut grass. 

 Urban Tomball includes so many shabby spots all in one little location.  The old rusty safe,  Boston brick wall, Tin metal wall, antique storefront, and much, much more!!!  This location is best early morning or an hour before sunset. 

Memorial Forest is recommended as a wooded location for morning sessions when shaded from the sun.  Small families,  maternity, couples, newborn outdoor, sitting baby, one year sessions, and children are recommended here.   Most times of year, there is tall grass, occasional wildflowers, tall oak and pine trees in the backgrounds.  For sound sensitive children: there is an occasional loud train that goes by this location.  We will NOT be photographing on the train tracks.

Black Forest location in Tomball is for the sessions two hours before sunset to sunset.  Sun shines through the trees so beautifully here.  There is usually long grass and I bring a few quilts along to have families sit in the grass.  Sessions are great for families, couples, sitting babies,and children.

Tomball Museum is a great spot for families, one year sessions, children, and maternity.  Since it is a privately owned museum, we would need to select a second location in case they have a tour, event, or wedding reserved during the session time.  I always treat the Museum with kindness and we are encouraged to give it the love it deserves... that means, no confetti, glitter or litter.  I ALWAYS help parents clean up after the one year cake smash and return it to "better than when we arrived" condition.  I also encourage families to plan a tour and go visit them at Christmas time for the annual open house event.

The Museum has historic homes with big porches, a sweetheart gazebo, large oak trees, rustic barn, an historic schoolhouse, and a "cowboy" house.  

Baseball Field Perfect location for a baby's one year cake smash session.  The field is only available very early mornings at sunrise before any teams arrive.  We are not allowed on the field, but can photograph outside of the fences and in the stands.   

Vintage Park has an uptown feel right here in the Tomball/Spring area.  Unique architecture, European themed fountain, brick paved alleyways, and manicured potted plants can all be found here.  Vintage park has a limited available timeframe only in the early mornings before shoppers arrive.   

Market Street is a shopping area in the Woodlands that is a fun, colorful, and urban themed area great for children, seniors, couples, and small families.  There is a vintage looking movie theater, artsy doorways, trendy and fresh locations all around.  Available times is early morning just after sunrise before shoppers arrive.  The Woodlands has events year-round, so if there is an event happening, we will need another location as an alternative..

Windwood Forest

The best time of day for this location is early morning or an hour before sunset.  This location has bridge crossings, fallen tree logs, and wooded areas.  Location is best for Maternity, Family, Children, and Sitting babies. 

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