Sunday, July 7, 2013

Newborn baby M

Isn't she a BEAUTIFUL baby girl?!  Her parents waited so patiently to find out the gender of this sweet baby till her birth. They were surprised to find out pink... not blue.  I admire their patience.  

The family lives on some amazing property in the country and raises chickens and has some horses.  This made for some beautiful pictures.  Can you see the chickens in the background?  The weather was also cooler in the morning and we got to take pictures outside... something rare for a newborn in Texas.  That afternoon it was 95+ degrees and humid.  

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Seaweed and Muffins

Funny title?  Seaweed and Muffins... Our popular Texas beach in Galveston is sunny, hot, and covered it seaweed right now.  The olive ocean water, white sand, and seaweed make for some beautiful settings for pictures.  This session was shot just west of the new Pleasure Pier.  It can be seen in the background in some of the images.

Baby girl in the pictures was not too sure of the waves and sand so her mother gave her muffins for comfort.  (Food comforts me a little too much too :))  Big brother was just fine playing in the sand and had fun.