Sunday, January 25, 2015

A step back in time... feeling nostalgic today

As I'm editing several newborns this week, it's got me thinking about my own babies.  Back in the day when I had my first and second child, I was a film shooter.  The negatives from their newborn sessions are stored in a box somewhere in the closet... you know, a safe spot.  When my most recent baby arrived (a girl this time) I was digital and have easy access to the files.  It's so convenient to look at them any time and think back on how little she (and the boys ) were a few years ago.

Lovie Punkin is 3 years old now.  She was 6 days old at the time I took these images .  Her big brothers still absolutely adore her.

It's also got me thinking of how truly important newborn photography is to me.  My child will never ever be that little again.  Their tiny little body will never be curled up on my chest... fuzzy backs, baby smell, little feet... it's all changed now.  Without pictures, I couldn't pull out of my mind how they looked back then.  They are so big now.  Okay, now I'm tearing up.

Fast forward to 3 years and look at her now... my 3 year old going on 20.  

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