Sunday, June 14, 2015

DIY Floral wreath backdrop and a beautiful baby girl Olivia at 7 days old

I've been seeing all kinds of floral wreath prints and images all over pinterest and have fallen in love with them. They are so feminine shabby chic ... and that's soooo my style.  I'm amazed at how simple this backdrop was to make and plan on making others for use in my clients' future newborn sessions.  Before every session I like to ask the mother about the colors she will be using in baby's nursery and use the color palate she mentioned to incorporate in the session.    This baby girl Olivia, has pinks, peaches, tiffany blues, and white in her nursery.  When painting the floral design, I had these colors in mind.  It's so easy to make, if you can draw a circle and some sloppy flowers (no perfection needed), then you can do it! 

What you'll need:

*Large sheet of watercolor paper (I purchased a roll with a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby and total was $19.00)



*small cup of water about 1 inch of water

*little paintbrush

*crayola fat tip markers for big flowers and leafs and some skinny ones for the small details

 I started by laying down the wooden bowl prop and making a light pencil circle around the bowl to measure the circumference of the wreath design.  I made the circle of  wreath a little larger than the original circle of the bowl so the wreath can be seen when photographed.  I then lightly drew with pencil the little berries, leafs, twigs, flowers, etc all around the circle.  I tried to do this quickly, so that I would not obsess about perfection.  This took about 10 minutes of thought and drawing.  I then erased the "circle line" as seen in the image above.

 Now is the time to color...I selected the color markers used and colored a few flowers at a time.  For instance, I chose 3 different markers...peach, pink, and dark pink for the roses .  The different shades of pink created the depth of the flowers. I colored all of the roses at one time.  Then with the shallow cup of water, I dipped the paint brush and added a little water to the marker on the paper.  Start with a little bit at a time to "melt" the ink to look like watercolor.   Even the leafs and berries each had 2-4 color tones for each petal or berry.   The painting process took about 25 minutes.  The watercolor paper roll needs to be weighted down when creating and photographing because it will curl.

 final wreath design.

And here is the final backdrop in use. 

 Happy crafting

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