Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Knaszak Family Christmas Mini 2014

We are calling this session a Christmas Mini Session, but it is actually B's Mother's Day gift being redeemed.  Complete with flowers and my favorite chocolates.  Don't get jealous... I plan on a Mother's day special again for 2015! 

We started the session with a little warm up.  Miss Aves starts out a little shy, but as you can see while the session progresses, shoe oozes with girly personality.  We found a ladybug crawling on Daddy's shirt... that ladybug had perfect timing (or, not so good timing, depending on your ladybug preservation perspective)!  Aves held on pretty tightly to that little lady throughout the session. 

Little sister is a perfect example of a two year old during a session.  Two year olds like to play, stay busy, walk away, eat... everything else besides taking pictures.  She is stinking cute with baby curls, and a happy heart.  

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